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PlayID/Facebook ID Account PlayID/Facebook ID @Cash

What is the difference between PlayID, Facebook ID and PlayFPS Wallet?
To manage your @Cash in the PlayID, click on the "Top Up @Cash" option after logging into your PlayID/Facebook ID.

You will be directed to the Wallet Management page and prompted to choose the game you wish to top up for.

For games supported by the local PlayID wallet

You will be brought to the @Cash top up page.

For games supported by the regional PlayID wallet

A regional wallet page will open in a new tab and you will be prompted to login again.

For users who have both PlayID and Facebook ID using the same email, kindly ensure that you choose the correct account type when in the login screen.

PlayID and Facebook ID accounts are not linked (even though the email is the same) and @Cash cannot be shared among both wallets.

For Sudden Attack players:

If you are using a game account created previously in the Asiasoft Passport, kindly refer to the Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging Guide / Asiasoft Passport Game Cash Conversion Guide.

What are the games supported by the PlayID/Facebook ID Wallet?
Games supported by the PlayID/Facebook ID Wallet are:
- Bubble Ninja
- Mahjong Hime
- Ragnarok Online 2

More games will be added in the near future.

How do I top up @Cash into my PlayID/Facebook ID?
Asiasoft offers a wide variety of @Cash top-up methods to suit your needs. Kindly refer to the @Cash Charging guides located here for more details.

How do I convert my @Cash into Game Cash?
Kindly refer to the PlayID/Facebook ID Game Cash Conversion Guide for more details.

How do I check the @Cash Top-up history in my PlayID/Facebook ID or FPS Wallet?
After choosing the game, click on the "History" button in the @Cash top up page. (It may take a while to load hence please be patient)

The top-up history for PlayID wallet will populate as shown in the image below:

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

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