Pocket MapleStory SEA Closure

Pocket MapleStory SEA Closure

Dear Pocket Maplers,

As tough as it is, we are here to announce that Pocket MapleStory SEA will be closing on 13th February 2017, 11.00 hrs (GMT +8).

As much as we have had lots of fun with you awesome players over the past few months, it was a decision that we had to make. We appreciate all the support shown to the game and the game would not have achieved what it had without you guys.

Here is what you can expect till the game’s closure.

1) The App will be removed from the stores

2) All in-App-purchases will be disabled on 19th Jan 2017

3) 4x EXP event daily

4) 4x Meso drop event daily

5) Free 100,000 Candies weekly via mailbox

6) Special Partnership Event

To show our thanks, we have partnered MapleStorySEA (PC Game) to come up with special “Bonus Packs” for all of you.

Please kindly register your interest @


Again, we appreciate all the support shown during this period and we hope that you have enjoyed playing Pocket MapleStory.

Yours Sincerely,
Pocket MapleStory SEA Team