PlayPark reviews the Logitech G512 CARBON Review

Check out our exclusive review of the G512 CARBON

Logitech G recently gave PlayPark a chance to test out their new Logitech G512 CARBON.

Suffice to say, it was a fantastic experience.

Here’s why:

The G512 CARBON is an RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with a chic Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy design that knows exactly what it is and yet makes a bold statement. First thing to note, the keyboard uses the GX Blue key switches but is also available in Romer-G Tactile and Linear switch versions.

Plugging it in for the first time, you’ll be treated to a brilliant display of Chroma colours when the Logitech G512 starts up. If that’s not an invitation to take it for a run on MapleStorySEA, we don’t know what is.

But first, we fiddled around with the Chroma lighting effects settings on the keyboard via the Logitech Gaming Software. There is a surprising and welcome amount of customizations you can make to the keyboard.

The keyboard is designed with a slight prop at the back to push it up at an optimal angle. Unfortunately, if users require multiple angle settings, they’ll have to get used to just one. The Logitech G512 CARBON also sports a USB port for ease of access where required. You can plug your mouse in if it makes sense or more realistically, charge your phone as you game.

The best part of the design is how compact the keyboard is. Unlike mechanical keyboards of old, the Logitech G512 CARBON knows to keep things clean and simple, without the compulsory wrist-rests and additional buttons for macro purposes. This minimalist setup helps to keep your table neat and free of clutter.

Each push of the keyboard was satisfying to the touch and never felt over the top. We’ve had our fair share of using keyboards with buttons that are so finger-sensitive that it would double-push or spill over to the other keys.

Nothing of that sort happens on the Logitech G512.

Playing Cadena on MapleStorySEA requires numerous precise keystrokes in order to execute the combos necessary for mobbing and bossing. With the G512, playing Cadena is a visceral and superior experience.

It must be said that multiple presses on the keyboard will make a substantial amount of sound. This is a flaw that no mechanical keyboard can escape from. The G512 however, produces significantly less sound than many of its rivals.

On games like Audition Next Level, where the furiousness of each key press oftentimes is accompanied by the melodic sound of the key press, the rhythmic clacking of those keys against your fingers as you bust out one Perfect combo after another is satisfying to hear. It’s an audible gratification for a match well-played and the G512 would take a bow if it could.

To add a cherry on top of this cake, the G512 CARBON is also integrated with Discord. The keyboard will light up in accordance to the voice chat, which is definitely a plus if you’re a streamer!

In conclusion, the G512 CARBON earns the Playpark seal of approval. If you’re an avid gamer, especially for MapleStorySEA or Audition Next Level, this keyboard is satisfying and sturdy to use!

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