LINE FRIENDS Visit Maple World In An Exclusive, World-First Event

Make new friends to take along on adventures in MapleStorySEA!

Singapore – 22nd February 2019: What better way to start the New Year than with new friends to accompany you on your adventures?

While players are busy leveling up to the increased cap of 275 recently introduced in the New Beginning patch on January 23rd, the first-ever LINE FRIENDS co-promotion will bring much needed levity to Maple World after the conclusion of the war with the Black Mage.  

From 27th February to 26th March 2019, popular LINE FRIENDS characters’ BROWN & FRIENDS will be entering MapleStorySEA. This limited-time event is open to all MapleStorySEA players with level 61 characters. Participation will net players special rewards like the LINE FRIENDS stickers.

Moreover, exciting rewards can be earned through LINE FRIENDS gift boxes. These are random drops players acquire by defeating monsters within their level range. The gift box has a chance to reward players with any of the following items; LINE FRIENDS in-game items or MapleStorySEA in-game items and consumables.  

LINE FRIENDS coins which can also be acquired independently as loot dropped by level-range monsters can be turned into the event shop to redeem unique LINE FRIENDS items, like the Rattling LINE FRIENDS truck mount or Moon Scooter mount.

 “We are very excited about this event,” says PlayPark Managing Director, Apol Dionglay, “It’s important to continually inject fresh ideas to keep our community engaged so we hope our players will have fun. 2019 will be a big year for MapleStorySEA. This co-promotion with LINE FRIENDS is just the beginning.”