Discord in Audition Next Level

Stay in touch!

Singapore – 2019: Audition Next Level, the world’s longest running and most challenging dance & rhythm game has launched a Discord channel for its community. The Audition Next Level Discord channel is the official platform for players, colloquially dubbed Audistas, to stay in contact with their friends. Upcoming patch updates, fan events and competitions will also be announced on the channel. Furthermore, there will be daily Discord giveaways for players who join the channel. As Audition Next Level encompasses a wide player base majorly from Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia, the channel is expected to be a more efficient way of disseminating game-related information. In addition, former players who may have moved out of Southeast Asia can continue to interact with the community, wherever they are. “The Audition Next Level community is a tightly-knit one and we’ve been blessed to have such a faithful and dedicated player-base’, says PlayPark Managing Director, Apol Dionglay, “therefore, it is our hope that through the Discord platform, we can engage with our players more effectively as we work together towards a more fun 2019 for Audition Next Level.”