@Key Now Available on Mobile!

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@Key Now Available On Mobile!

Keep your accounts protected with the New @Key Mobile starting from November 26, 2015. This mobile application is now available for download, just search “akey on mobile” on the AppStore or Google Play.

@Key on Mobile is an application providing a two-level authentication, giving you an added layer of security against unauthorized access to your account.


  • Bring your @Key whenever you go
  • Use it anywhere and anytime
  • Easy setup and access
  • Available on IOS and Android in multiple platforms (Iphone, Ipad, and some Android devices)

With the @key Mobile tagged, you can rest assured that your account is secured.


Period1 YearYearly Renewal2 Years Bundles Deal
PriceSGD 7.50SGD 2.30SGD 9.40
@cash Points18,996 Point5,825 Point23,808 Point


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