Produced by WEBZEN Inc., MU ONLINE is a full-3D MMORPG and one of the leading online games developed in Korea. MU is a highly involved fantasy RPG based on the legendary continent of MU, where players can choose from seven unique classes – Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Summoner, Rage Fighter, Magic Gladiator or Dark Lord. MU ONLINE is a pioneer of 3D MMORPGs and established the basic framework which many online games continue to utilize today.

MU Online – Downloader

Full Client Installer (Alternate Link)
Size : – 1.08 GB

MD5: – 020F58190E26B7301E5FCD9D41017AD3

System Requirements

Item Recommended Setting Minimum Requirements
CPU Core 2 GHz Atom 1.6Ghz
Memory 2GB 1GB
Graphics Geforce 8600 Intel IGP
OS Windows 2000,XP, 7,Vista OS   : Windows XP, Vista, 7, 10
Direct X Direct X – Direct X Integrated Version Direct X integrated version
Hard Disk 2GB or more(Client size 1GB) 2 GB or more(client size 1 GB)