The ultimate free-to-play massive multiplayer online role-playing game. Venture into the world of Mosiang. Join forces with your mates to defeat the Minotaur


Version 1
Size : 1 MB

MD5: 6bda3d445c9e6603302f1e36b3e6f402

Full Client

Version 1
Size : 499mb

MD5: BEF441A9B2F1135EF5678475524EE0F4

System Requirements

Item Recommended Setting Minimum Requirements
CPU Intel Pentium 3600MHz and above Intel Pentium 2400MHz and above
Memory 256MB and above 128MB and above
Graphics Support DirectX graphics card Support DirectX graphics card
OS Microsoft Windows XP and above Microsoft Windows XP and above
Direct X DirectX9.0a DirectX8.0a
Hard Disk 3G and above 2GB and above