PlayID Duplicate Email Change

PlayID Duplicate Email Change

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Step 1:

Visit and click on the “Register” button.

Step 2:

When you try to login to your PlayID account, you will see the error “Please click here for an email update request”.

This error will be prompted if the system detects 2 accounts with the same email address.

Click on the link “here” to change your email address.

Step 3:

Key in your current PlayPark ID (Email Address) and the security code as shown, and click on Submit.

Step 4:

Check your email account for the following email:

Step 5:

Choose the PlayID that you wish to change email for, by clicking on “Change”.

* Important Note: Should you wish to retain your current email address for your account, you must first undergo the email update process for BOTH accounts to 2 different new email addresses.

After this procedure is complete, you may contact Customer Service for assistance in reverting to your old email address.

Step 6:

Enter your new email address in the form, and confirm. Hit Submit to confirm the changes.

Step 7:

A Verification email will be sent to your new email address.

You must click on the Verification link provided to finalize the change/update of email address.

Step 8:

Your email address have been successfully changed when you see this message.

You may now login into your PlayID and game accounts using the new email address which you have chosen.

If you encountered any difficulty, please contact our Customer Service team via iBox for further assistance.

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