IP Bonus Verification

IP Bonus Verification

Description of IP Bonus

How to check if you are receiving IP Bonus

MapleStory SEA


  • A pop-up will appear once users login to game as highlighted in RED.


  • Customers will see on the bottom right they are getting Premium Bonus when they kill monsters.



  • Indicated only after playing a round as highlighted in RED.



  • Indicated at the end of each game as highlighted in Red.



  • The Bonus will be indicated from the highlighted portion in-game.


Item Diamond No. Quantity
World Shout (Binding) 12 10
A-Cheque (Binding) 12 10
Lv3 HP Pellet (Binding) 15 100
Lv3 MP Pellet (Binding) 15 100
Lv3 SP Pellet (Binding) 15 100
EXP Bonus Pill (Binding) 20 1
Attack Tablet (Binding) 25 2
Defensive Tablet (Binding) 25 2
Strength Tablet (Binding) 25 2
Salve of Dragon King (Binding) 25 2
Perfect Platinum Repairing (Binding) 50 1
Proof of The East (Binding) 300 1
Proof of The West (Binding) 300 1
Proof of The South (Binding) 300 1
Proof of The North (Binding) 300 1
Proof of The Neutral (Binding) 300 1
Giant Ice Ox 800 1

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