IP Bonus Verification

IP Bonus Verification

Description of IP Bonus

How to check if you are receiving IP Bonus

MapleStory SEA


  • A pop-up will appear once users login to game as highlighted in RED.


  • Customers will see on the bottom right they are getting Premium Bonus when they kill monsters.



  • Indicated only after playing a round as highlighted in RED.



  • Indicated at the end of each game as highlighted in Red.



  • The Bonus will be indicated from the highlighted portion in-game.


ItemDiamond No.Quantity
World Shout (Binding)1210
A-Cheque (Binding)1210
Lv3 HP Pellet (Binding)15100
Lv3 MP Pellet (Binding)15100
Lv3 SP Pellet (Binding)15100
EXP Bonus Pill (Binding)201
Attack Tablet (Binding)252
Defensive Tablet (Binding)252
Strength Tablet (Binding)252
Salve of Dragon King (Binding)252
Perfect Platinum Repairing (Binding)501
Proof of The East (Binding)3001
Proof of The West (Binding)3001
Proof of The South (Binding)3001
Proof of The North (Binding)3001
Proof of The Neutral (Binding)3001
Giant Ice Ox8001

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