@Cash Charging via GrabPay

@Cash Charging via GrabPay


How to charge @Cash via GrabPay

We are happy to announce that we have a new payment gateway partner to ease your top-ups and purchases for your PlayID accounts! Simply use the Grab App on your Mobile Phones. At the moment, this service is available only for PlayMall.

To learn more on how to top-up your GrabPay credits, click Here. Once your GrabPay accounts have available credits, you may follow the guideline below on how you can use them for you PlayID accounts.

  1. Visit the Playmall Login Website through this link https://playmall.playpark.com/Login.aspx.
  2. Choose your Login ID type such as Play ID Login, Facebook Login or Google Login.


3. Key-in your email and password and then click “Login” button.


4. Click “Top Up” button and then select “GrabPay”.


5. Select the package that you wish to purchase. Please ensure that your GrabPay credits is enough for the package             selected.


6. You will then be redirected to the Login with Grab Key-in your Mobile Number correctly, and don’t forget to tick the “I agree with Grab terms & conditions” button. Click the Next button to continue.


7.  6-Digit OTP code will be sent to your Mobile Number. Just enter the 6-digits that you received to continue. If ever you did not receive the 6-digit code, you may get another code by clicking “Get another code” A timer is set to get a new code.

8. Review the details before confirming your purchase. If all is correct, click on the “Pay with GrabPay” button or click “Cancel” button if incorrect.

9. A notification will prompt on your Grab App for the purchase you made. Click “Ok” button to close.


10. You will also receive a confirmation on your Grab App Inbox for the purchase.


Please make sure that you have selected the correct account, as all @Cash conversions are final and cannot be reversed or transferred.

Players are responsible to check which games are supported before proceeding with the transaction.

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

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