Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging via E-Pins

Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging via E-Pins

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How to charge @Cash via E-Pins

Step 1:

Visit and choose that game that you wish to top-up for.

Step 2:

On the Asiasoft Passport Login page, enter your Login ID, Password, Capcha code as shown and click on “Login”.


You will be brought directly to the @Cash Top-Up Page as shown below:


For users who logged in directly from the Asiasoft Passport login page, you will see the “Account Summary” page instead.

If so, simply click on the “Top Up” option as shown below:


  • Note
    • Asiasoft Passport Top up now supports all Pre-paid cards from CiB Mall / Levelup / Capple


Step 3:

Following is a sample image showing the details on the back of a Prepaid card.

In order to utilise the Prepaid card, enter the Serial Number and Security Code into the boxes given, as well as the CAPTCHA code.

All codes must be entered exactly as given (CAPS sensitive).

Click on the “Top Up” button to proceed.


Step 4:

You will see the following message on your screen upon a successful top-up.

How to convert the @Cash to Game Cash

Please refer to the Asiasoft Passport Game Cash Conversion guide to learn how to convert your @Cash to Game Cash.


Please make sure that you have selected the correct account, as all @Cash conversions are final and cannot be reversed or transferred.

Players are responsible to check which games are supported before proceeding with the transaction.

If you encountered any error messages while performing the transaction, please email our @Cash Support team via with the following required information:


  1. Type of @Cash Purchase (please specify SAM/AXS/iNets/PPC) :
  2. Serial Number (if available) :
  3. Security Code (if available) :
  4. Date and time of @Cash purchase :
  5. Scanned copy (or photo) of Receipt :

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

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