Webgames Facebook Login

Webgames Facebook Login

Rejoice! You are now able to enjoy the convenience of using your Facebook account to play webgames hosted by PlayPark!

Follow the 3 simple steps below to start playing now!

Step 1:

Visit PlayPark Website to view the list of webgames available.

Step 2:

Mouse over and click on the button of the webgame that you wish to play.

Step 3:

Click on the “Login with Facebook” option and you’re ready to play!

Have questions? Check out the FAQs below or drop us an enquiry via iBox now!

Q: What is Webgames Facebook Login?


Webgames Facebook Login allows you to play all webgames hosted by PlayPark directly using your Facebook account. No registration is required!

Note: A “Facebook ID” will be automatically created in our system when you use your Facebook account to play. This process is needed to store your webgames account information (Eg: Character level, items etc) as well as provide @Cash charging for Facebook users.

Please take some time to read our Facebook ID Login Terms and Condition before you proceed.

Q: What is Facebook account?


Facebook is a social networking website used by millions of people everyday to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about the people they meet.

Click here to learn more about Facebook and how you can create an account instantly!

Q: If I log in to the webgames using my Facebook account, am I still able to see and play with my friends?


Definitely! You will be able to play the webgames just like any other player!

However, it is still recommended to create a PlayID for better security and user control, and of course, to enjoy your game to the fullest!

Q: If I have been playing the webgames using my Facebook ID, can I retain my game statistics when I create a new PlayID?


All existing game account statistics (Eg: Character, items, @Cash etc) are stored separately in our database and hence, they are not transferable and cannot be shared between both Facebook ID and PlayID.

Therefore, please do register for a PlayID as early as possible to enjoy the full benefits while you advance in the game!

Q: Can I use the same email to create a PlayID and Facebook ID?


Yes you may do so. Our system will classify the accounts separately, and each account type will have it’s own management page.

However, please make sure that you log in to the correct account type when performing @Cash transaction, as all transactions cannot be reversed.

If you encounter any difficulties using your email address to create a PlayID, kindly feedback to us via iBox for further assistance.

Q: Why do I have 2 characters having different IGN (In-Game Nickname) when I login with only 1 email address?


This is due to the different login platforms available for our webgames.

Do be reminded that Facebook login using your email is NOT the same as logging in with the same email through PlayID.

Q: I did not register for playID but i received a verification email from PlayPark. What should i do?


This means that someone has registered for a PlayID using your email address. Kindly contact our Customer Service team at customerservice@playpark.net for further assistance.

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