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Q: Where is the forum! I cannot find it!


We have moved the forum to a bigger playground since 18th July 2012! Click here to join in the fun!

Q: How do I sign in to the new forum?


With the merger of our forums, users who have previously registered on the Asiasoft Forum now need to have a PlayID in order to access our new PlayPark Community Forum.

If you are an Asiasoft Forum user who do not have a PlayID yet, please follow the instructions below to create one:

Click on the “Register Now!” button found on the top-right corner of the screen.

You will be redirected to register for a PlayID.

Please click on the  button found on the PlayPark website to continue.

Complete the registration procedure and check your email to verify your PlayID.

Note: You will only be able to login into the forum after successfully verifying your PlayID.

Upon successful verification of your new PlayID, please follow the Sign-In guide below.

Guide

Users who have previously registered on the old Playpark Forum users and Asiasoft Forum users and already have a PlayID, please follow the instructions below to sign in and tag your old forum account:

Click on the “Sign In” button found on the top-right corner of the screen.

Enter your PlayID (email) and password and click on “Sign In” to log in into your account.

If this is your first time logging in, you will be redirected to the following page:

Click Yes if you have an existing Asiasoft Forum account which you would like to tag (merge) with your Playpark Forum account.

Important: You will only have one chance to tag your account. If you skip this step now, you will not be prompted again during your next login.

If you do not have any Asiasoft Forum account that you wish to tag, you may skip the rest of this tutorial and visit the Forum Help Section to learn more on to navigate around the new forum and begin posting!

If you wish to tag your Asiasoft Forum account to your Playpark account, please enter your Asiasoft Forum account into the form accordingly:

*Tick the box if you wish to use your Asiasoft Forum’s nickname.

If you choose to retain your Asiasoft Forum’s nickname, all your Playpark forum posts will also be under your Asiasoft Forum’s nickname, and you also be able to keep the join date of your Asiasoft Forum account.If you choose to keep your Playpark Forum nickname, your forum join date will also be according to that of your Playpark account.

You will encounter the following screen if you have entered an incorrect Asiasoft ForumUserID or incorrect password.

Click “Back to Tagging Request Page” to re-enter your details.

You will not be able to request/retrieve your account details at this point, so please ensure that you have all details on hand.

Upon successful Tagging Request submission, you will be redirected to this screen.

All requests will be processed within 3 working days.

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

Q: I cannot login to the new forum! Help!


To access the new forum, you will need a Play ID. You can sign up for a PlayID via PlayPark website.

If you are an existing Asiasoft Forum user, you will be asked to tag your ASF account to your new PlayID, so that you can retain your forum nickname and posts. Before tagging, do have on hand your old Asiasoft Forum login ID and password. You have only one chance to tag, so you will not be able to skip the tagging process to do it again at a later time.

If you are an existing PlayID user, you can access the forum with your current PlayID and password. You will also be given a one-time chance to tag your Asiasoft Forum account if you have one.

Q: Where is my thread? I cannot find it!


To serve you better, a little housekeeping has to be carried out. Therefore, the following types of threads will be archived :-

  1. Threads with last posts dated before 1st Jan 2012
  2. Closed Threads

You can view these archived threads on the forums but you will not be able to continue posting.

If you feel that your thread does not fit the above criterion, please drop us a line at [email protected]  and include the original URL and title of the thread for further review and evaluation.

Please also note that threads created between 10th July 2012 to 17th July 2012 will not be moved over too.

Q: What will happen to all threads I created in the old forum? Where can I find them in the new forum?


To locate your threads, please use the search function. Only migrated threads and posts will appear in the Search Listings.

Alternatively, you can also easily locate your threads and posts by going to your User Profile, and clicking on the  button.

A list of all the threads which you have started or posted in will be displayed, you can choose to further refine the search into a list of all the individual posts that you have made.

Q: I am currently trading / bidding / selling my items on the forums and I cannot comment post on the thread!


To protect your interests, you will not be able to create or post any comments within the Trades Section from 10th July 2012 to 17th July 2012. This is to facilitate the move to our bigger playground.

Q: I want my old ASF / PPF forum nickname back, is that possible?


For Asiasoft and Playpark forum users who already have a Play ID, here’s a set of simple instructions on how to tag your old forum account to your Play ID.

Please ensure that you have the correct details of your forum account and password before proceeding with the tagging.

Step 1:
Go to

Step 2:
Login to your Play ID.

Step 3:
Upon first login, you will be redirected to a page to tag your forum account. Click YES to tag your forum account.

Note: If you skip this step (by clicking NO), you will not be prompted to tag again during your next login.

Step 4:
Enter your forum user id and forum password.

Step 5:
If your Playpark Forum nickname is different from your Asiasoft Forum nickname, tick the box “Do you want to retain Asiasoft Forum’s nick / display name?” if you wish to be known by your ASF nickname. Otherwise, leave unticked.

Your forum join date will be according to the profile which you chose.

Step 6:

Step 7:
Once the tag is successful, you will see the following message:

“Your request is submitted. Please allow 3 working days to process your request. Thank you.”

You will also be directed to the new forum.

If you do not have a Play ID, please created one at and you will also be asked if you like to tag your old forum account to it. Follow the same instructions above to tag.

Q: What happens to my post count / reputation? Will they be reset?


Your post counts will be retained. However, if you have chosen to tag your Asiasoft Forum account to your existing Play ID, post counts from both accounts will be added together.

As for the reputation, a new playground promises a fresh new start to a more vibrant community, therefore, all reputation will be reset so that you can have a brand new beginning in the new playground.

Q: The new forum is confusing to me, I do not know how to use it.


Navigate your way at the new forum with the following helpful Tutorial Guide. Click here to learn how!

Q: Where can I find my information? Can I personalise my profile?


Please refer to the Tutorial Guide on how to personalize your profile.

Q: What if I have forgotten my old Forum login?


Your old forum login is the Forum nickname that you use in the previous forum.
If you have forgotten your old forum login or password, you can

(a) Create a new one (and start afresh!)

(b) Or send an iBox with the email address that you used to register your old forum account.

If you have forgotten the email address, we would like to suggest creating a new forum account as we will not be able to assist with the retrieval without this email address.

Q: Why change to this forum?


Forum users had been forthcoming with their forum usage experience and they have been very constructive.

Therefore, after much discussion and planning, it was decided to make this big move to improve the overall forum experience. With this move, gamers will also enjoy connecting and interacting with a larger and more vibrant community in this brand new playground!

Q: What are the new features of the new forum?


Please click here to check out the new features of the forum.

Q: I really have no clue how to use this forum! Please help!


You can learn how to use with the Tutorial Guide, or you can request for assistance from our Live Chat officers.

Q: My PlayPark Community Forums account is suspended for no reason! What should I do?


Forums accounts will only be suspended if they violate the PlayPark Community Forums Guidelines or if the forums account(s) is / are creating solely for spamming purposes.

Forums accounts suspension is permanent, and there is no way for forum members to get back their suspended accounts (appeals will not be entertained). So please cherish your forums account. Do not abuse it!

Q: The Moderator just warned me for no reason.


The PlayPark Community Forums Moderators will only issue warnings if you violate the Forums Guidelines. Please visit the PlayPark Community Forums for more details.

Q: Please suspend / ban this forum member!


If you find any abusive signatures, pornography, profane language, insolent threads or other actions that violate the PlayPark Community Forums Guidelines, please report them using the button found at the bottom left corner of the post.

The PlayPark Community Forums Moderators will try their best to review the reported posts in the shortest time possible.

Q: Someone is spamming in the PlayPark Community Forums! OMG!


If you notice any spammers in the forums attempting to disrupt the community, please report them using the button found at the bottom left corner of the post.

Also, do not reply to the spammers by posting ‘spammer reported’, ‘stop spamming!’, etc. By responding to them, you are indirectly spamming and encouraging the culprits to spam more.

The active Moderator(s) will take proceed to take action in the fastest time possible.

Please be aware that Asiasoft Online will not hesitate to report to the local authorities if the spamming is severe.

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