PlayID/Facebook ID Account

PlayID/Facebook ID Account

PlayID/Facebook ID Wallet PlayID/Facebook ID @Cash

Q: What is PlayID?


PlayID is a game account that allows gamers to play all new games published by Asiasoft on a single platform with other gamers in the Southeast Asian region.

On PlayPark website, click on the “Register” button to register for a PlayID.

Q: Do I need to create game accounts in order to access PlayID games?


Game account creation is no longer required as all login IDs will be replaced by the Email Address used when you sign up for a PlayID or use Facebook to login.

Q: What is Facebook ID? How is it different from PlayID?


For users who do not wish to register for a PlayID, they may opt to instantly play any games supported by the PlayID using their Facebook account. Our system will create an account using your Facebook data, and we call it “Facebook ID”.

However, it is still recommended to play our games using a PlayID which is more secured and you have better control over it.

Do check the Terms and Conditions for using Facebook ID before you proceed.


The same email address can be used to create a PlayID and a Facebook ID.

  • Although the email addresses are the same for both types of account, they do not have any linkage in the game account data, as well as @Cash wallet.
  • Facebook ID requires no registration. Simply click on the Facebook button on the game client launcher and you are ready to play!


Webgame players may click here for more information!

Q: What are the games supported by PlayID/Facebook ID?


The games currently supported by PlayID/Facebook ID are:

Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A), Sudden Attack, MCCQ, Bubble Ninja, Mahjong Hime, Ragnarok Online 2, Chaos Online and FCManager. All newly launched games will also be on the PlayID platform.

Q: How do I sign up for a PlayID?


Please refer to the PlayID Registration Guide for more information.

Q: How do I verify my PlayID?


A verification email will be sent to the email address provided during the PlayID registration. All you need to do is to click on the URL link stated in the email and your newly created PlayID will be verified.


  • Please check your Spam/Junk folder for the verification email if you do not see it in the inbox.
  • The email verification link will expire after 30 days. Do be reminded to verify your email before the link expires
  • Unverified PlayIDs will be suspended after 30 days of usage. If you wish to continue using it, kindly contact our Customer Service team via [email protected] for further assistance.

Q: Can I retain my PlayID forum nickname?


Yes you may do so by entering the same email address used previously to register for your new PlayID.

Only existing users with PlayPark forum nicknames that fulfill the following criteria may retain their nickname: The nickname is 6 – 12 characters long and consists of alphanumeric character and/or the underscore (“_”) symbol.

Q: I have forgotten my PlayID password. What should I do?


Please refer to the PlayID Reset/Change Password Guide for more information.

Q: I have forgotten my PlayID login. What should I do?


Your PlayID login is also the email address used during registration. If you require assistance to retrieve it, please send a report to us via iBox.

Q: I have lost my verification email. How can I obtain a new one?


Please refer to the PlayID Verification Guide for more information.

Q: I think I misspelled my email address during registration. Can I change the address?


If you have misspelled your email address during account registration, you will not be able to retrieve the account as PlayID only works with a valid email address. Please create a new one using the correct email address.

Kindly contact our Customer Service team via [email protected] if you require further assistance.

Q: I receive a prompt that my account has been suspended when I tried to log in to my PlayID. What should I do?


Kindly contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] for further assistance.

Q: Can I delete my PlayID?


No, once a PlayID has been created, it cannot be deleted from the system’s database. Kindly contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] if you require further clarification.

Q: I did not register for PlayID but i received a verification email from PlayPark. What should i do?


This means that someone has registered for a PlayID using your email address. Kindly contact our Customer Service team at [email protected] for further assistance.

Q:  What is the 6 digit Security Code used for?


The 6 digit Security Code is an optional feature in the PlayID/Facebook ID which enhances the security of your account.

Once the Security Code has been activated, it will be used as one of the main criteria for our Customer Service Team to perform account ownership verification (when needed), and ensure that they are corresponding with the rightful owner.

As the Security Code is used for account verification purposes, it cannot be changed once activated. Therefore, please activate wisely (choose a combination that only you know and will remember), as it will not be displayed in your PlayID summary page as well.

Note: Please be aware that this 6 digit Security Code is not equivalent to the @Key.

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