Game Abuse and Banned Accounts

Game Abuse and Banned Accounts

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Q: What is Game Abuse?


The following actions are considered game abuse; inappropriate character naming, impersonation of GMs, hacking, botting, bug exploitation, advertising, harassing, inappropriate and explicit language, scamming, illegal trading, and illegal charging/funding.

All these offenses are subject to punishment (i.e. Account suspension, penalty fees, in-game penalties). Please refer to the respective game website for the complete list of Abuse Policies and corresponding penalties.

Q: I am still studying. Can my penalty be lessened? I promise not to repeat the offence again.


The abuse policies will be strictly enforced and all offending accounts will be primarily penalized. No exception or leniency will be shown to any player at any time to maintain fairness.

Q: My ban period is over. Why isn’t my account being released?


All offending accounts must be verified by the account owner with a scanned color copy of his/her National ID before they are released. If there are any outstanding penalty fees, these will have to be paid too.

Q: But I wasn’t the one hacking! Someone else was using my account.


Account sharing is against our Terms of Use. The account owner is responsible to bear all penalties imposed on his/her account regardless of who was using the account at the time the offence was committed.

Q: My account has been wrongfully banned! I want to see evidence!


Our GMs only impose bans with solid evidence. To view the evidence that was used to capture your account, an irrevocable deposit of up to SGD150.00 must be paid before such evidence is released. No on-site viewing of evidence at our office is available.

Note: Evidence request is not applicable for MapleSEA.

Kindly enquirer more with the game administrators through the respective iBox as the view evidence request does not apply for every game title.

A CD containing the evidence will be sent to your mailing address upon receipt of the Evidence View Deposit. This deposit will only be refunded if you are able to prove that the account is innocent of all charges and your account will be released upon verification.

Otherwise, the deposit will be forfeited and you are to bear all penalties imposed on your account.

Q: What does “irrevocable” mean?


This means that once you have submitted your request for Evidence Viewing and have made payment for the deposit, you may not cancel your request and ask for a refund.

The deposited amount will only be refunded if your account is proven innocent.

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