Asiasoft Passport @Cash

Asiasoft Passport @Cash

Asiasoft Passport Account

Q: I received an error message while trying to top-up @Cash into my Asiasoft Passport.


If you are receiving a server-side error message, please try to top-up again at a later time. The website may be experiencing temporary technical issues.

Q: Help! I can’t top up my Prepaid Card.


Please make sure that all alphanumerical characters have been entered exactly as shown on the prepaid card (CAPS-sensitive).

If you are receiving other error messages, please scan the back portion of the prepaid card showing the serial number and security code, and email it to us at with a scanned copy of the purchase receipt and the LoginID of the account that you wish to top-up to for further assistance.

Q: I purchased @Cash through Kiosk but did not receive the codes. What should I do? (aka SAM, iNET, AXS, etc)


Please email a scanned copy of the purchase receipt to us at with the LoginID of the account that you wish to top-up to for further assistance.

Q: I haven’t received my @Cash codes from Maxis (Hotlink SMS purchase).


Kindly contact us via Live Chat or iBox, and provide the amount, date and time of purchase, as well as the mobile number used to purchase the @Cash.

Q: I topped up @Cash into my account, but I don’t see it in my game’s Cash Shop, why?


Please ensure that you have converted your @Cash into Game Cash for your selected game. You may do so by clicking on the “Buy Game Cash” link found in your Asiasoft Passport summary page.

Kindly refer to the Asiasoft Passport Game Cash Conversion guide located here if you require more details.

Q: I have been billed for @Cash purchases which I did not make by my Telco provider.


This is a dispute between your Telco service provider and yourself. Please proceed on to make an official police report as this involves monetary issue and is considered as a criminal offence of misappropriating others property.

Q: I have topped-up @Cash to my account, but when I try to buy Game Cash, it tells me that I do not have enough Cash to proceed.


Please send a report to us via the iBox for further assistance.

Q: Help! I accidentally bought Game Cash for the wrong game. I wanted to top-up for my Maple account, not Audition.


All Game Cash conversions are final and non-reversible. It is your responsibility to check that you are converting Game Cash into the correct game account.

Q: How do I purchase @Cash using my Credit Card?


For the time being, Credit Card charging is unavailable for @Cash purchases.

You may, however, charge @Cash via your PayPal account, which allows you to transact using Credit Card.

In addition, Asiasoft offers a wide variety of @Cash top-up methods to suit your needs. Kindly refer to the Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging guides located here for more details.

Q: How do I get whitelisted for PayPal charging?


You will need to email us at with a scanned color copy of your National ID and your Asiasoft Passport LoginID.

Upon successful verification, your Asiasoft Passport will be verified and PayPal charging will be made available.

Kindly refer to the PayPal Charging guide for more information.

Q: I have accidentally bought an item, can I refund or exchange or transfer it to my friend’s account?


Please note that it is stated in our Terms of Usage for @Cash and Cash Shop/Items that once purchased successfully, item bought cannot be refunded or exchanged or even transferred to another account. However, for MapleSEA players, you may use it for another character within the same Maple account in the same World.

Note that if the item is intended to be given to a friend, you should use the ‘Gift’ function and not the ‘Buy’ function as you can’t drop or trade cash items. Player should also note of possible lag issue and be patient for the item to be delivered to avoid unintentional repeat purchase.

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