Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging via RAZER GOLD

Asiasoft Passport @Cash Charging via RAZER GOLD

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How to charge @Cash via RAZER GOLD

Step 1:

  • You must have sufficient RAZER GOLD balance inside your RAZER GOLD wallet to purchase @Cash. For RAZER GOLD wallet reload information, please refer to the RAZER GOLD wallet reload guide found here.

Step 2:

  • Select “BROWSE GAMES” from the drop-down menu under GOLD at the top of the screen.

Step 3:

Step 4:

  • Select the Amount of @Cash that you wish to purchase.

Step 5:

  • Select “RAZER GOLD WALLET” as payment method.

Step 6:

  •  You will be redirected to a “ORDER SUMMARY” page.
  •  Select “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” again and enter the OTP provided to confirm purchase.


How to topup the @Cash to Asiasoft Passport

Follow the Prepaid Card top-up guide to top up the @Cash Serial Number and Security codes into your Asiasoft Passport.


Please make sure that you have selected the correct account, as all @Cash conversions are final and cannot be reversed or transferred.

Players are responsible to check which games are supported before proceeding with the transaction.

Images used are for illustration purposes only and are subjected to change without notice.

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