The Playpark Community Team

Playpark presents to you the official list of Community Managers (CM) and Game Masters (GM) as of April 18, 2017. Follow their antics through their only official social media accounts!

GM WarGod – Account
GM Ghost
CM Ekim – Account | Fanpage
CM Kiel – Fanpage
GM Leah Chan – Fanpage
CM Faith – Fanpage | Account
CM Raiyu – Account
GM Nhevahya – Account
CM Kimiko – Account | Fanpage
GM Jabie – Fanpage | Account
CM Maze – Account
GM Blade – Account
GM Frost – Account
GM Blitz – Account
GM Jace – Fanpage
GM Shoo – Account
GM Anthem – Account
GM Jinghiro – Account

Each game community also has a select group of Moderators to grow the community and to assist their fellow players. You can see the official list of Playpark Moderators on our website. If you need help with game or account related issues, feel free to reach our Support Team.

Please note that Playpark CMs and GMs:

  • Will never ask for your password
  • Are prohibited from engaging in any form of Real Money Trading (RMT).
  • Are not allowed to receive any form of compensation (in cash or in kind) from our gamers/subscribers in exchange for in-game items and special requests/favors.
  • All linked accounts above are the only official accounts of Playpark PH Cms and GMs

Individuals found guilty of falsely presenting themselves as Playpark PH! GMs and/or employees shall be permanently banned (in-game and in real life) from all activities/events organized by Playpark PH.