Suzzysaur VS Dexie for Club Audition: Mobile

Showdown between Suzzysaur and Dexie Diaz

A thrilling showdown is happening for Club Audition: Mobile at the PlayPark booth. Hosted at the Electronic Sports and Gaming Summit 2019, Club Audition: Mobile is pitting your favorite streamers – Suzzysaur of Rumble Royale and Dexie Diaz of NEXT Talents – on the dance floor. Who will prevail?

Catch the action on October 25, 2019 at 2:00 pm (GMT+8) in the Mobile Esports Arena at ESGS 2019.

Suzzysaur VS Dexie for Club Audition: Mobile

A little big throwdown is happening this ESGS 2019.

❤️ In the red corner, she stands a little tall but definitely feisty. Put your hands together for 🦖 Suzzysaur!

💛 In the yellow corner, standing a little taller and surely a fighter. Make some noise for 💪 Dexie Diaz!

This fight of the decade is a must watch at ESGS this October 25th. Head on to the RUMBLE ROYALE x Mobile Esports Arena booth at 2:00PM to witness the brawl LIVE!