September 2020 BER Month Blowout

The season of Giving starts early. Here's a Gift from PlayPark

September is almost up but the BER Month excitement is just heating up. Your favorite PlayPark games set up surprises for gamers to enjoy starting this September 29th all the way until October 1st. What’s in store? Read on to know what’s coming for your PlayPark game.

  • Audition Next Level
  • Club Audition M
  • FlyFF Online
  • MU Online
  • Perfect World
  • RF Online
  • Special Force 2

PlayPark Ber Month Blowout

Audition Next Level

ANL’s BER Month Blowout is in honor of Team Showdown’s ultimate champion from Team Army with Eurybia’s Promo. Get a total amount of 50,000 ingame cash purchase and gifting from the Item Mall, couple garden and mascot salon from September 29th to October 1st. Participating ANL accounts are getting an Unreleased Set as a special prize.

  • All rewards will be inserted within 15 days after the event duration.
  • Participants must only purchase on the item category below:
    • Shopping Mall – Face, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Item, Pet, Motion, Hardware, Emoticon, Accessory, Mark, Musical Instruments, Black Label
    • Couple Shop – Hair, Upper Garment, Lower Garment, Shoes, Set, Pet, Accessory, Mark, Ring, Couple Certificate, Couple Item, Couple Room
    • Couple Garden – Seeds, Accessory, Management/Care Items, Items
    • Mascot Salon – Mascot, Hair, Upper Garment, Under Garment, Shoes, Set, Accessory
Club Audition M

CAM’s #BigaTen BER Month Blowout gets Clubbers FREE Auburn or Jills White Day Couple items when you recharge. Get this Exclusive Item of when you recharge 2,500 rubies on your account.

  • Tier 1: Recharge 2,500 Rubies = Indefinite item duration
  • Tier 2: Recharge 1,800,500 Rubies = 30 Days item duration
  • Tier 3: Recharge 900 Rubies = 7 Days item duration
  • Note: Item will be inserted on the 4th week of October. The item will be included on October Patch. Couple set is for 1 character only – the account used to recharge will receive the items.
FlyFF Online

Favorites open for a limited time in this FlyFF special BER Month Blowout.

  • Visit the Event Shop in RHISIS or in LORD PANG for a special shop opening from September 29, 2020, 12:00 AM until October 1, 2020, 11:59 PM (GMT+8). See what’s on sale here!
  • Play til you drop with X3 EXP AND DROP boost from September 29, 2020, 12:00 AM until October 1, 2020, 11:59 PM (GMT+8)

X marks the spot for this BER Month Blowout from MU Online. Visit the X Shop to savor two promos available this September 29th to October 1st.

  1. Join the September BER Month Blowout Raffle with a minimum purchase of Php 300 gives you a raffle entry. Invite the Guild. Every account gets only one entry. Check out the prizes below:
    • 1 Winner (Hero) Bloodangel Soul
    • 4 Winners Bloodangel Soul
    • 2 Winner Black Fenrir
    • 2 Winner Blue Fenrir
    • 2 Winner 100,000 Ruud
    • 2 Winners 50,000 Ruud
    • 2 Winners 50Bless and 50Soul
  2. Plus, get more from your shopping with Purchase Rewards.
    • Tier 1 – Purchase 1,000 ~ 4,999 PHP = 1X 10% TOL
    • Tier 2 – Purchase 5,000 ~ 19,999 PHP = 2X 10% TOL
    • Tier 3 – Purchase 20,000 and above PHP = 1X TOCA
    • Accumulated itemshop/x-shop purchase to qualify. You can only received the rewards once. SEA and Maya server only

Prizes will be awarded within seven (7) to fourteen (14) working days.

Perfect World

Get Orbs with your Gold in a double celebration from PWPH. For every 100 Gold worth of purchase, you will get FREE 3 Nebula Dust Orbs. Reach a certain amount to get a bonus brand-new limited-edition mount! This blowout starts September 28 (1:00 PM) until September 30, 2020 (11:59 PM) GMT+8.

RF Online

Here’s the gift you’ve been waiting for!

  • Cartella Bundles Extended Shop Now Get FREE TALICS when you purchase a Shiny Gem Set Promo or Lucky Gem Set Promo from the NOVUS/OUTLAW RF BAZAAR!Get FREE Talic Crystals when you purchase a Shiny Talic Crystal or Lucky Talic Crystal Bundle from the DESOLATION RF BAZAAR!Meanwhile, Beginner’s Package is Now available for Novus/Outlaw RF Bazaar which includes:
    ♦ 1 pc Turncoat Premium Service Token
    ♦ 2 pcs Beginner’s Amulet
    ♦ 2 pcs Beginner’s Ring
    ♦ 1 pc Silver Pig Statue
  • X3 DROP Boost from September 29, 2020, 12:00 PM until October 1, 2020, 11:59 PM (GMT+8)
Special Force 2

It might be BER Months but the heat is on in the battlefield. Watch out for these hot stuff incoming.

  • Pandemic 50% OFF on Skins
    • G36C EOTech Silencer Butterfly FX (Limitless)
    • G63C HolyDragon Package
    • HK417 mod3A Reflex Silencer CircuitFX
    • HK417 MOD3A Reflex Silencer EmberFX
    • M4A1 SOPMOD3A EOtech Silencer Ember FX (Limitless)
    • M4A1 SOPMOD3 Reflex Silencer SIGtAfz FX (Limitless)
    • Flame Dragon Package
    • Death Song Package III
  • Fever Time Bonus: 100% EXP, 100% SP, 100 LP Bonus starting 5 PM to 11 PM

PlayPark Ber Month Blowout

Be sure to grab the amazing gifts from your favorite PlayPark games have in store for you. WANT MORE?

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