Road to Special Force World Championship

THE STAGE IS SET. The Special Force World Championship 2017 calls on champions from the different parts of the globe to the grandest battlefield of all. This December 2017, Team Philippines and Team Southeast Asia go against the best Special Force teams in the Pacific. Rally behind only the best as the climax takes place in Bangkok, Thailand. Who will win it all?

What is SFWC?
The Special Force World Championship, also known as SFWC, is the global proving ground for elite teams in Special Force Online and in Special Force 2. SFWC is an international tournament gathering teams from different countries.

This 2017, the Special Force World Championship for the premier classic FPS game – Special Force – will be on its 9th year. Participants will be coming from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines and Southeast Asia.

On the other hand, Special Force 2 will be holding its 2nd Special Force 2 World Championship. Competing teams will be coming from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and a specially organized team.

Special Force Online
For the Special Force World Championship, Playpark will be sending two representative teams.
The first representative is Team Philippines, Wagas, the winner in the nationwide tournament, Special Force Philippine Championship.
The second representative is Team Southeast Asia, SST.Intel, the Singaporean victor in the SEA League which Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam took part in.

Special Force 2
On the 2nd year of Special Force 2 World Championship, Playpark will be represented by the winner of its nationwide tournament, SF2 Ultimatum, and the newest Team Philippines, Wiki Essence. They will be competing against the top teams from Japan, Korea, Thailand, and a specially formed team.

Team Philippines, Wagas, came from humble beginnings as an underdog in the Special Force Philippine Championship. Despite going against top seeded teams early on in the Top 8 they clawed their way to the peak of success. Team WAGAS, made up of MOOSE, RR, JOMS, JEO and BJ, displayed determination, sportsmanship and skill worthy of the champion title.

Southeast Asia’s representative to the Special Force World Championship comes from the Lion City, Singapore. SST.iNTEL comprised of Nak, Cheri, Yuenation, Ruki and Fear won their spot by first overcoming the best teams in Singapore to become the Singapore Champions. They bagged in the Southeast Asia Championship by bringing the fight to Vietnam’s National Champions, eSport, and winning it all.

They were the first to claim a coveted spot at the Special Force 2 Ultimatum 2017 by coming out victorious in the Playpark XP Road to Ultimatum Tournament held last December 2016. Filled with tournament veterans, wes-, -Rjhay, EpicMazeII, tOngbanks- and Shyyy- used all their time to prepare for the ultimate battle at Playpark All Stars 2017. Have they prepared enough to win it all? Yes, they did. They silenced critics and doubters with a show of force at the Grand Finals against 2016 Team Philippines, Aurell Rebirth. As the 2017 Team Philippines, great things can definitely be expected from this squad.