RF Online opens Stargazer Server

After a year of returned service in Southeast Asia, PlayPark RF Online opens a new frontier for the Citizens of Novus. The flagship modified server called STARGAZER opens on March 26, 2019. This seasonal server promises nonstop fights with enhanced drop rates, PT, EXP and more. Stargazer also boasts limited edition rings that gamers can carry over to the regular servers. Get set to enjoy the grind and reach for the stars!

To top it all off, PlayPark RF Online teamed up with rock sensation, RAZORBACK x Basti Artadi, to bring life and an official soundtrack to the seasonal server. Ruling the airwaves of RF is the hit single aptly named STARGAZER by the band. Listen to the spellbinding song in the game or on Spotify.

What is Stargazer?

  • A seasonal server that will be exclusively available to all newly created characters. All must be leveled from Level 1 at the start of the season.
  • Each character created will have a different stash, inventory, currency, skills, and experience.
  • Characters from this server will be migrated to Novus once the Season concludes.

Stargazer Specifications

  • Drop Rate x2
  • PT x8
  • Animus EXP x8
  • EXP rate X4
  • Ores Capacity x3
  • Chip War Schedule: Once a day at 8:00 PM [GMT+8] daily.

Frequently Asked Questions (click HERE)