PlayPark’s 11.11 Knockout Sale

PlayPark 11.11 Knockout Sale — Your favorite PlayPark games are unleashing a tsunami of deals, discounts and unreleased items for the first ever 11.11 Knockout Sale this November 11, 2018.

The holiday season and PlayPark XP are fast approaching. With many excited to treat themselves and their loved ones to epic delightts, PlayPark went ahead and let everyone have a taste of the holiday spirit. For a limited time only, this huge feast is up for grabs. Check out what’s in store below.

Audition Next Level

  • Get the Permanent Pumped Set for your 111,100 purchase.

Cabal Online

  • Bask in as much as 40% OFF on epic items.

FlyFF Online

  • Make it rain with the P1SO Sale.

Special Force

  • Bargains galore at the Black Market 11.11 Flash Sale

Special Force 2

  • 1GP is all you need in the Armsdealer special sale

RF Online

  • Lucky 11 soldiers will get DOUBLE their purchases

READ UP for the full details.

Audi Sale Details

Get PUMPED and get this exclusive item set in every item you purchased from in-game Shopping Mall! You can now GIFT your special, adorable buddies! Let’s get our hands full of Audi shopping bags now.
Option 1:
11,100 – 111,099 accumulated in-game cash purchase
7 Days of Pumped Set
and one raffle entry to have a change to be part of the 11 lucky winner of the Pumped Permanent Set
Option 2:
111,100 – up accumulated in-game cash purchase
Permanent of Pumped Set

Cabal Reloaded Sale Details

FlyFF Sale Details
-All items for only 4,500 IN-GAME CASH only. Available from November 11-12, 2018 at 10:30 AM.

  • 11pcs Syila Fun Box
  • 11pcs Naughty Ghost Fun Box
  • 11pcs Ghastly Ghost Fun Box
  • 11pcs Dragon of the Initiate Fun Box

-Selected Consumables Items for only P1SO!
Available from November 11-12, 2018 at 10:30 AM.

  • Power Scroll
  • Scroll of Resurrection
  • Scroll of Velocity
  • Scroll of Acquisition (Low)
  • Refresher Hold
  • Vital Drink X
  • Activition
  • Upcut Stone

SF2 Sale Details
-1 day items for only 1 GP each:

  • AN-94 EOTech Gold (1D)
  • G36C EOTech Silencer Gold (1D)
  • K2 Silencer Gold (1D)
  • M14 EBR Gold (1D)
  • GALIL EOTech Chrome (1D)
  • G36C Opendot Silencer Chrome (1D)
  • M16A3 EOTech Chrome (1D)
  • M4A1 EOTech Chrome (1D)

-1 day sets for only  20 GP each:

  • K2 Eotech Silencer Gold Package 1 Day Set
  • AWP Gold Package 1 Day Set
  • L86A1 Opendot Silencer Gold Package 1 Day Set

Promo will run November 11, 2018 at 12:01 until 11:59 PM only.