PlayPark statement on DDOS Attacks last June 2020

PlayPark Statement on the recent DDOS Attacks and Service Interruption

Amidst the developing COVID-19 crisis our world is experiencing, PlayPark is humbled and grateful for the continued support of our community. As we work together to shape a fun and safe gaming environment, our efforts are stifled by a barrage of attacks in the past few days.

Since June 20th, PlayPark has been fending off DDOS attacks causing game connectivity and stability issues. In the past week alone, we experienced and countered hundreds of attacks with varying degrees and signatures. Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDOS) is a cyber-attack which leads to a machine or network resource to be unavailable to its users by temporarily or indefinitely disrupting services of a host connected to the Internet.

Our security procedures fended off the initial attacks. The intruders responded aggressively with multiple attack patterns across our service.

PlayPark is working hand in hand with our offices across Southeast Asia and our Anti DDOS provider to combat this assault and to strengthen our service. We have already taken steps to boost our security and are closely monitoring the service stability.

We empathize with your frustration at the disruptions to our games and the lack of details that we can divulge about the steps we have taken against the attacks. At the moment, we can only express our sincere gratitude for your unrelenting support and patience.

Several PlayPark activities and promotions have been rescheduled and minimized. Your support will not be in vain as compensation will be made by our games once we have cleared this hurdle. You can be sure that we will bounce back bigger and better.

Thank you for your understanding. Together, we can be stronger!

PlayPark statement on DDOS Attacks last June 2020


PlayPark Saya Continues

PlayPark wants to thank the community for the constant support. News and activities will continue to be shared on the official PlayPark website and Facebook page (@playparkphinc).

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