PlayPark now on Shopee

PlayPark now on Shopee

Sa Shopee… may PlayPark na…! Shopee’s 12.12 Christmas Sale gets biggers as you can now get your PlayPark load on Shopee. Through LoadCentral, just follow the steps below to know how you can power up your account.

Below are the steps to purchase PlayPark epins on Shopee:

STEP 1. Go to Shopee mobile app

Click ‘LOAD & EVOUCHERS’ section, tap the ‘GAME VOUCHERS’ button on the app.

STEP 2. Click ‘LEVEL UP GAMES’ button

Select load amount and tap continue to checkout.

STEP 3. Select ‘PAYMENT OPTION’ and verify your credit/debit card details

Tap the ‘PAY’ or ‘PAY NOW’ button once you’re all set.

*Once payment is successful, you will get your order details.
*Terms and Conditions apply.