PlayPark MU Online SEA Launches Open Beta Test

The long wait is finally over!

PlayPark MU Online finally launches Open Beta Test in Southeast Asia this March 26th. Hyped for the release, PlayPark MU Online shared the game version will be starting at Version 13.2. Return to the Continent NOW.

PlayPark MU Online goes Open Beta Test

PlayPark MU Online Open Beta

MUtizens can now login to PLayPark MU Online and start adventures in the Continent of Mu. In addition, players will no longer worry about losing progress because OBT achievements will be carried over to the official release of the game. 

PlayPark MU Online Open Beta Activities

MU Online In-game Events

To maximize the thrill of the Open Beta Test, the PlayPark MU Online Team prepared in-game events for all participating MUtizens.

Players will be able to join the following events:

  • “Level Up Challenge” – Get a chance to win 3rd Wing +0 or a 3rd Wing +13 by reaching the highest level on your Character Class.
  • Chicken Run Event – Join the fun and collect random loot ranging from 20,000 Zen or even the Horn of Uniria.
  • EXP Buff – From march 26 to April 19, 2020 MUtizens can play with MU Online GMs and receive levelling buffs. 

PlayPark MU Online Open Beta ActivitiesPlayPark MU Online Open Beta Event

Item Mall Will Be Open

MUtizens will also be able to buy items that will boost their character’s growth from the in-game item shop using the premium in-game currency known as ‘Coins’. For more information on how to get MU Online Coins, click here.

From March 26, 2020 to April 29, 2020, MUtizens will be able to avail discounts on the following Characters and Items:

  • Grow Lancer Card – 50% OFF
  • Rage Fighter Card – 50% OFF
  • Summoner Card – 50% OFF
  • Small Wings – 20% OFF

CBT Rewards Insertion

MUtizens that participated in the Closed Beta Test of MU Online will now be able to use their Pre-Registration rewards. These rewards include a Panda Ring, a Devil Square Ticket, a Pet Panda, a Blood Castle Ticket and 10 pcs Bless of Light Greater per account. In addition, there is also the CBT participation rewards that include the following:

  • Bless of Light [Greater]: when used, increases EXP rate by 200% for 30minutes (not stackable)
  • 1stLucky Set (7D): though this is a permanent item, the durability decreases and when it hits 0, and is not usable until you put a Jewel of Extension per piece to activate it again.
  • Arcanum Buff: a set of buffs that players can use for 30minutes only (HP, Mana, Wizardry, Damage and many more).

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