PlayPark load via LoadCentral and subchannels Switches to Razer Gold

Here's a PlayMall upgrade to welcome the New Year

PlayPark and PlayMall welcomes an upgrade with its partner – LoadCentral and its subchannels as it switches to Razer Gold. Start the New Year right by getting updated on how its done. Read to know about the changes.

PlayPark load via LoadCentral and other subchannels Switches to Razer Gold

PlayPark load denominations under LoadCentral and its subchannels ( will be switched to Razer Gold PINS automatically, ONCE old PlayPark load stocks have been consumed.

  • QUESTION: How do we know when PlayPark denominations have been switched to Razer Gold?
  • ANSWER: PIN details will change. The 14-digit card serial with 10-digit pin password will be issued to customers.

CURRENT PlayPark PIN Format

Description Sample
SERIAL 16-digit Card Serial PLN1234567890123
PASSWORD 10-digit PIN password 1234567890


Razer Gold PIN Format

Description Sample
PIN 14-digit PIN 12345678901234
SERIAL 10-digit Serial 6001234567



PlayID Users :

Step 1.  CREATE a Razer Gold account. Already have an account? Proceed to next step.

PlayPark Load LoadCentral Razer Gold Switch

Step 2. RELOAD Razer Gold account using the Razer Gold 14-digit Pin.

PlayPark Load LoadCentral Razer Gold Switch

Step 3. LOG ON  to your Playmall account then click TOPUP.

PlayPark Load LoadCentral Razer Gold Switch

Step 4. Select Razer Gold Wallet PH and choose amount to top up.

PlayPark Load LoadCentral Razer Gold Switch

Step 5. Logon to your Razer Gold account to complete the purchase and authentication.

PlayPark Load LoadCentral Razer Gold Switch

LUPlay Users : (temporary process until full integration)

Step 1. Player must file a ticket via iBox and provide the ff details :

  • Unused Razer Gold Serial and Pin
  • Proof of Purchase (with date and amount)
  • LUPlay User ID
  • Full Name

Step 2. Once the transaction was confirmed, a replacement Playpark pin will be issued to the customer.

Processing Time : 3-5 days

How to RESEND PlayPark Load to your Playpark Account

PlayMall made it easier to check and receive your load purchased from our payment channels not appearing in your PlayPark account, here are the steps you can take to fix that.

Step 1. Login to PlayMall (PLAYMALL.PLAYPARK.COM)

Remember to use the same Login option as you use in the game.

Step 2. Click TOP UP

To check any load you have not received from PayPal, first click on the TOP UP button near your account information on the screen.

Step 3. Choose the payment channel you used in loading your account.

Make sure to choose the correct payment channel that you used in loading your account. [ BDO, BPI, Gcash, Bayad Center, Playpark, Paypal, Razer Gold Pin PH and Razer Gold Wallet PH ]

Step 4. Press CLICK

A screen will pop up showing your load denomination options for topping up. There is no need to set an amount here. Simply look for the line “Problems for Refilling.” Press the CLICK word in red beside it.

Step 5. Resend Your Transaction

You will be prompted to your History Payment. This records your previous transactions on PlayMall using PayPal PH. Review the list and look for the load purchase that you have not yet received. Click on the button “Resend” beside the transaction details.

After this, simply review your load balance for the newly added load. For more details, please visit

Razer Gold Joins PlayMall

Gamers across the globe know Razer Gold as top tier unified virtual credits service. You can use it to buy not only game credits but also games and game content. It also includes a loyalty and reward system called Razer Silver. The more you use Gold, the more Razer Silver you stock up which you can later use to get awesome game deals.

With it now effectively available on PlayMall as a top up channel, your Razer Gold account can be used to directly add load to your PlayPark account while you continue to get rewarded with Razer Silver.

PlayPark Saya Continues

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 develops, several changes to the PlayPark operations are in place to ensure the PlayPark Saya gets to its gaming community. Some delays may occur such as Ticketing, and prize awarding.

PlayPark wants to thank the community for the constant support. News and activities will continue to be shared. Expect an even greater presence within the PlayPark games. Read more about it here.


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