PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

PlayPark and MSI will spark Your Gaming Spirit

There’s a Feast of Fun for everyone as PlayPark launches Game Fest 2020 at SM North EDSA, 4th Level, The Annex Cyberzone Area. Powered by the No.1 in gaming – MSI Philippines, check out PlayPark plans to light up Game Fest 2020 with the hottest games and guests.

  • February 28, 2020 – CABAL, Shaiya Online and Perfect World
  • February 29, 2020 – FlyFF, RF, Special Force 2, and Crossout
  • March 1, 2020 – MU Online, Club Audition Mobile and Audition Next Level

Check out which PlayPark GMs are coming to Game Fest 2020 Kickoff HERE!

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

Day 1 – February 28th

The first day of the Game Fest 2020 Kickoff showcases Shaiya Online and Perfect World. With CM Venus in attendance, check out what these games have in store for you.

  • Door Prize
  • Returnee Package
  • Side Activities

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

  • Door Prize
    • Baby Panda (60D)
    • Continuous Resurrection Rune (7D)
    • 10 Fortune Cookies
    • 5 Ice Cream Pack
  • Spin
  • Match The Color
  • Bundle
    • Nostrum Bundle (500)
    • Upgrade Bundle (1,000)
    • Essential Bundle (1,500)

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

Perfect World (more details)
  • Door Prize
    – Extreme Action Stone (Bounded)
    – 2pcs War Avatar Pack S (B-S)
    – 200 Fortification Essence
  • 3V3 Mini Tournament
  • Game Fest Bundle
    – Purchase 3,000 load and top-up on the event venue and you can acquire 3 pc. GM Lamb of Blessing EXP Pill(+300 M EXP) for your character.
  • Game Fest Lucky Box
  • Game Fest Raffle
  • Game Fest Pachinko
  • Like and Share Event

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

Day 2 – February 29th

The second day of the Game Fest 2020 Kickoff is jam-packed with fun offers from your favorite PlayPark games – Flyff, RF, Special Force 2 and Crossout – and your favorite CM Luna, CM Void, and GM PandaZerg.


To heat things up, Crossout will be hosting a Celebrity Showdown between Gloco Gaming, Peenoise Realm, and cosplayer Kitz Cua.

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020


  • Door Prize
    • 7D Teddy Bear Set
    • 7D Bear Pick-Up Pet
    • 7D Mantle of the Raven
    • 7D Bolo Cloak
    • 7D Yellow Glasses
  • Event Shop
  • Merchandise – Pre-Order HERE

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

RF Online (more details)
  • Door Prize
    • NOVUS
      • ♦ 5 Chaos Talics
        ♦ 5 Grace Talics
        ♦ 5 Mercy Talics
      • ♦ 3 Stacks of +3 Ores [All Colors]
      • ♦ 3 Stacks of +4 Ores [All Colors]
      • ♦ 3 Chaos Talics
        ♦ 3 Grace Talics
        ♦ 3 Mercy Talics
      • ♦ 1 stacks of +3 Ores [All Colors]
      • ♦ 1 stack of +4 Ores [All Colors]
  • Special Ore Bundling (Novus)
    • 100 Load
    • 10,000 Load
PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020
Special Force 2
  • Door Prize
    • G36C ProLeague [Limitless]
    • Armor Set [7D]
  • Bundle (1,000 Load)


Day 3 – March 1st

The last day of the kick-off will surely be a blast with the combined awesomeness of MU Online and Audition. Attended by CM Jills, CM Selene, GM EV, and GM Jaq, expect spectacular from start to finish.

MU Online
  • Early Bird – Limited Edition Tshirt for the first 90 MUtizens
  • MU Spin Quest – complete challenges to take home limited edition MU merchandise
  • Guild Rally

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

Audition Next Level

Flex those finger muscles, Audistas.

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

Club Audition Mobile

Prepare to party all day with these hot social media celebrities from CAM! Be there or miss out on seeing their performances and even meeting them.

PlayPark Launches Game Fest 2020

More details coming soon! Visit your game’s website for more info.

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