Playpark FEBIBIG | Single Ready to Mingle Event

Single ka nanaman ba ngayong valentines? Yang pagiging single mo gawin nating 500 Playpark load.



  1. Post a screenshot of your in game character from any Playpark Game on Facebook or on Instagram.
  2. Write your best, cheesiest pickup line as the caption. Include your In-game name.
  3. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram through @playparkph.
  4. Use the hashtags #PlayparkFEBIBIG and #YourPlayparkGame
    (example: #SpecialForce, #RFOnline, #AuditionNextLevel, #CabalOnline, #SpecialForce2, #PWPH)

Deadline of submission is on February 13, 2018 at 3PM (GMT+8). Winners will be announced on February 14, 2018.

The five (5) best pickup lines will win PHP 500 worth of Playpark load. Ten (10) more lucky players will win PHP 100 worth of Playpark load.

Congratulations to the Following winners of the Single and ready to mingle event:

Php 500 Playpark load:

  1. Kristian Cabisidan Cabangin
  2. Alan Chua
  3. saquilayanbryan
  4. Mhai Mhai Mhaya Himpayan
  5. Sushmita May Saleo Perweg

Php 100 Playpark load:

  • Aldrine Ray Villanueva
  • Justine Paul Lauron
  • Jane Carol Gonzaga Mateo
  • Freya Wren
  • ÈärLjöhn Zörçá Möntö
  • Mark Michael Gandara Guerrero
  • [psf] – _arten_
  • McJhe Mestizo
  • Rommel Sumayo
  • John Rae