PlayPark E-Support System Guidelines

Here is how you can use E-Support

E-Support makes it easier for gamers to get solutions to game problems faster and easier. Compliant with Data Privacy Act, E-Support sets off for its first run for the PlayPark RF Online community starting this February 5, 2021.

Here is how you can use E-Support.

Step 1. Go to the E-Support Website

Go to E-Support website: Select the PlayPark game where you wish to file a ticket.

PlayPark E-Support Problem Report System How To Use Step 1

Step 2. Choose A Problem

Choose your concern/inquiry from the drop-down list. Fill up all the necessary information needed for your concern.

PlayPark E-Support Problem Report System How To Use Step 2

Complete the information needed. Here is a list of the Concern categories:

  1. Request to edit email information / Change email: Concerns regarding your registered account email.
  2. Report a hack problem / Hack Inquiry: Concerns regarding hacks, hacked/compromised account and item lost.
  3. Report a bug / bug inquiry: Concerns related to bugs in game such as item, quest, skill, etc.
  4. Report Problems, Downloads, Patches / Download / Patch: Concerns regarding technical, downloads, patch and connection issues.

The following categories below requires you to login your account:

  1. Request to unblock second password, Unblock ID / Unblock Subpass / Unblock ID: Concerns regarding account ID, password and 2nd or Sub-password, accounts that cannot be accessed.
  2. Request to change personal information / Change information: Concerns regarding account information (update or forgot account).
  3. Report problems, activities, promotions / event / promotion: Concerns regarding game promos, events, rewards.
  4. Report a problem with Character, Game / Character Enquiry: Concerns regarding general game queries or issue/s, character or game account, players who violated the game policies.
  5. Report problems of top-up / Cash Topup / Purchases: Concerns regarding top up, conversion, items brought via item mall and in game.


  1. For personal IDs to be used for Account Verification, upload the Unedited image onto a free image hosting site (eg., Photobucket [], Imgur [], Imageshack []) and paste the URL at the “Image URL” box.
  2. You may also attach the images like character screenshots, topup records, etc, as long as no personal information is displayed.
  3. Use only a valid and existing email address to send your ticket. All replies will be sent to your email address.

PlayPark E-Support Problem Report System How To Use Step 2

Step 3. Review the Privacy Policy

Put a check on the “Accept Privacy-Policy”, click “Confirm” then click “OK” to complete your submission.

Step 4. Get Your Case ID

Once you submit your ticket, you will be given your Case ID and will be notified via email regarding the ticket you have filed.

Tracking Your Report

  1. Check your email address for the reply from our Customer Support Team. If you have not seen the email, be sure to look in your spam or junk mail folder.
  2. You will also find your ticket/case ID # at the subject of the email.
  3. All replies will be sent to your email address. Kindly make sure that you use a valid and existing email address.

After completing the process of submitting a ticket, the Customer Service team will send you an update through your email address within seven (7) working days. The count of days does not include the weekends or any holidays. For cases where the information is not complete, investigations may take longer but updates from our team can be received through your email address.

PlayPark’s newest problem report system will be available for PlayPark RF Online players starting February 5, 2021. More games will use this system soon. While waiting, gamers will continue to use the existing iBox ticketing system. For any problems, solutions are just a click away in E-Support and in iBox; the PlayPark Customer Service team will be happy to assist.