PLAYPARK App: The One App for All Your Games & Services

Introducing PLAYPARK App.
One Application for all Games & Services from PLAYPARK.COM

18 April 2017, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines – Upgrade to a whole new level of fun with the all new PLAYPARK App! Awesome games, social activities and real-time news and promotions are right at your fingertips.
Over 43 million PlayPark users across Southeast Asia will enjoy these benefits:

  1. Integrated Games Library and Launcher: No more waiting in line or sign-up fuss. Instant access to exciting new games ranging from Strategy, Role-Playing, Action, Adventure, MOBA and MORE!
  2. Chat Messaging: It’s dangerous to go alone! Find and make new friends, no one gets left behind with instant messaging.
  3. News Alert: Knowledge is POWER! Always be in the know with real-time notifications on the latest news and developments of your favorite PC and Mobile games.

PLAYPARK App unlocks a host of exciting new features for PC and Mobile players! Look out for more special benefits with your free PlayID.
The PLAYPARK App is now available for free on both iOS and Android.

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