PlayMall Advisory: Prepaid Cards

Attention PlayMall Users,

Recently, reports came in about an error in topping up prepaid cards on PlayMall. There have been cases of newly opened prepaid cards that once you top up, the message: “Already used” comes out and the load is not credited to your account. If you experienced this in the past few days, please do let our team know so we can help you investigate it.

You can reach us by filing a report on iBox at Send the complete details of the incident by providing the following information:

  • Card Number:
  • PIN Number:
  1. For which game did you top up:
  2. Game Log-In ID:
  3. Registered Email Address:
  4. Date of Top-up:
  5. Scanned copy (or photo) of Receipt//EPIN/Prepaid Card:
  6. Proof of purchase: [if EPIN]:
  7. Screenshot of your Top Up History:
  8. Description/Steps leading to the error message encountered:

Our team will review your report and get back to you as soon as possible. This should announcement also serves as a WARNING. Any player who sends false claims or reports will be punished with account suspension and any other penalty deemed necessary. Thank you very much for your cooperation on this issue.