Perfect World PH IDC and Account Management Migration

Attention Heroes of Pan Gu!

Important Announcement:

We are upgrading our systems to give you the best gaming experience for Perfect World Philippines. Our servers will be migrated to our new Internet Data Center (IDC) this January. The migration will also include a shift from MyLU authentication (or login) to unified Playpark ID login. Once the transfer is complete, Heroes can enjoy a smoother run through the fields of Pan Gu.

To accommodate this transfer, Perfect World Philippines will be TEMPORARILY unavailable to the public starting January 22, 2018 at 10:00AM (GMT+8) until April 2018. The migration process will take a few months because of all the precautions we must take to secure the proper migration of accounts, the set-up needed to the new IDC and the shift to the new log-in system.

We understand how daunting a task it is to go three (3) months without Perfect World Philippines. Rest assured that this is not the end of our journey but simply a short interlude. We will quickly post any updates regarding the migration on the official FANPAGE and WEBSITE. We will keep you busy with activities and games you can try during this time.

A migration website will be available on March 2018, where you can migrate your Perfect World ID (username) to a new Playpark ID.

PW Management Team