METS 2017| Live Stream Like and Share Event

YOU CAN JOIN THE EXCITEMENT of the Mindanao E-sports & Tech Summit at SM City Davao – The Annex this August 11. Sponsored by a long time partner, ROG Net Shop, Playpark Inc. invites you to watch the thrilling matches of Special Force Online and Special Force 2 ROG Champions League. To join:

  1. Watch the Live Stream on the Playpark fanpages
  2. Share the Live Stream video on your Facebook account. Make sure your post privacy is set to “Public”.
  3. In your post, type your IGN, Game (SF or SF2), and Choice of Weapon (for SF players).
  4. Include the hashtag #METS2017

Check out these rewards:

Special Force Online Special Force 2
30 winners of
JaguarEX Series weapons
(10 winners each type -M4A1, PSG-1, and AK74)
10 winners of
Scar-H ACOG Lightning Gold FX

Winners will be announced by August 16, 2017 (Wednesday). Prizes will be inserted within one week of the winner announcement.

Throughout the event, gamers can enjoy:

  • SF2 Arms Dealer
  • Special Force Bundles
  • Free Play of LUNA Online and Playpark Kritika

Enjoy Freebies from your favorite Playpark games!

Puzzle Guardians
First 500 item code
– Basker 150 Soulstone
First 200 item codes
– 30,000 Gold
– Draw Key x3
– Ticket x100
Playpark Kritika
Freeplay Friday
First 200 Item Codes
– Slightly Shiny Pandora Key x5
Luna Online
Freeplay Friday
First 200 item codes
1. [III] All Stats Candy (+75) 3days
2. Magician Set 7days
3. [Mount] Gorilla (100%) 15days


Get FREE weapons when you purchase Level Up Load and Top-up at the ROG Net Shop Champions League event only. It means that you can still use the converted Load to purchase other in-game items you want.

1. Wargod M4A1 MOD0 + Wargod Beretta MOD0 = 1,000 Load

2. Esports M4A1 CER + Esports Beretta CER = 1,000 Load

3. Esports AK74 CER + Esports Beretta CER = 1,000 Load

4. Esports PSG-1 CER + Esports Beretta CER = 1,000 Load

5. Esports M4A1 CER + Esports AK74 CER + Esports PSG-1 CER + Esports Beretta CER = 2,500 Load