Meet the PlayPark Team | May 2020

How many PlayPark GMs do you know?

Meet the PlayPark Team

Making your favorite PlayPark game even more fun is at the core of the PlayPark team’s duties. With everyday a party ingame and off game, the GMs are your guide to ultimate gamer fun.

Did you know that CM means Community Manager, while GM means Game Master? Though they are more popularly known as GMs, some of your favorite GMs are more appropriately called CM. The team is full of all kinds of GMs and CMs with various skills and interests.

To make gaming more enjoyable, a number of the GMs have Facebook pages which you can follow. BEWARE! Opportunists are scattered around posing as your GMs and CMs. True legit members of the PlayPark team will never ask for sensitive information through their Facebook page or account. PLUS, assistance and services from any team member will not cost you. Real GMs and CMs will not get any kind of compensation for help they provide.

If you need any assistance, always contact Customer Support on iBox.

Think you know the GMs of the PlayPark Team?

Check out how many names you know and recognize for this GM Bingo Game.

Introducing the PlayPark Team of CM and GM

  • Anthem – for Rappelz M
  • Azure – for Special Force 2 and Audition Next Level
  • BerBer – from the PlayPark team
  • Dani – for Crossout
  • EV – from the PlayPark team
  • Faith – for Audition Next Level
  • Ghost – for Special Force 2
  • Hasten – for Audition Next Level
  • Jabie – for FlyFF Online
  • Jaq – from the PlayPark team
  • Jills – for Club Audition Mobile
  • Jo-Jo – for Perfect World
  • Kiel – for Cabal Online
  • Kyo – for Rappelz M
  • Leah Chan – from the PlayPark team
  • Luna – from FlyFF and Shaiya Online
  • PandaZerg – for Crossout
  • Selene – for MU Online
  • Summer – for Cabal Online
  • Venus – for Perfect World
  • Void – for RF Online
  • WarGod – for MU Online, and Crossout
  • Xian – for Shaiya Online

To bring signature PlayPark saya through virtual and live experiences, there are a number of PlayPark GMs not in the list but you meet occasionally as they support operations. Inside the game, in iBox and in live events, there are more PlayPark GMs that work to making every experience epic.

Once again, be extra careful when dealing with the PlayPark team outside of official channels. Always contact iBox for any support needed.

PlayPark Saya Continues

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to develop, PlayPark continues to serve Saya to eager gamers with its banner of #DitoMasaya, throughout its channels. Several changes to the PlayPark operations are in place to ensure the PlayPark Saya gets to its gaming community. Some delays may occur with delivering services such as Ticket responses and resolution, and prize awarding.

PlayPark wants to thank the community for continuously supporting the company and its games. News and activities will continue to be shared on social media. Expect an even greater presence within the PlayPark games. Read more about it here.


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