Get PlayPark Treats on ShareTreats

Read up how to claim your PlayPark Treats

Got a freebie from PlayPark on ShareTreats? Here’s how to claim it. #DitoMasaya

With the many fun activities PlayPark and your favorite games have in store online, the PlayPark treats tend to overflow. There are Bucket meals, Burgers, Pizza, Cakes and more from PlayPark on ShareTreats. Not familiar with ShareTreats, visit their website.

Step 1. Check the PlayPark Treats Message from ShareTreats

Check the ShareTreats text messages on your mobile number. Keep in mind that the Expiration date of the voucher code is also in the text. Make sure to claim your prize before it expires.

Get PlayPark Treats on ShareTreats

Step 2. Find The Nearest Store

Click on the web link from the ShareTreats text. Read the details and look for the branch/store nearest to you.

For virtual items such as coupons and load, also click on the link from ShareTreats to see how to redeem the prize.

Get PlayPark Treats on ShareTreats

Step 3. Claim Your PlayPark Treats

After the finding a store to claim the treats, visit the location with your ShareTreats voucher code. Present the code to the store and enjoy the prize. Remember to check the expiration date on the ShareTreats text. Treats must be claimed before they expire.

Get PlayPark Treats on ShareTreats

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