Feb-IBIG @ Playpark

Love is in the air, and it can also be found where gamers dwell. Couples, from either realm, are to come forth with stories of love and how their favorite game weaved their fate – created a love that knows no end.

Here’s how to join the #febIBIG fever:


  • All active Playpark couple players.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and above.
  • Participants must be couple in-game and in real life.


  • Participants must create their best couple in-game photo and a cutesy rendition of their real life couple picture.
  • Tell us a short story on how you met and how playing the game played part in the development of your current relationship.
  • Couples can edit their real life photos as long as their faces are clear. “Photobooth style” photos are encouraged.
  • Entries should be in JPEG format with 640 x 480 dimensions. Must be ORIGINAL work.
  • Only one entry per account is allowed. 1 entry per couple.

Post your entry on your Facebook account (make sure the post is set to “public”) then mention (your game) with the hashtag #[email protected]

Entries must have the following details:

  •     Real name:
  •     Character name/IGN:
  •     Couple’s Character name/IGN:

Upon submission of entry, the participant guarantees that they will be able to attend the culmination activity on, February 28, 2017 (Tuesday)*.
One (1/pair) lucky couple with the best submission will have their movie and dinner date sponsored by Playpark and their favorite Playpark game.
This will be judged by the Playpark PH GM team.

Criteria for judging:

  •     Couple story – 30%
  •     In-game picture originality – 35%
  •     Real life picture creativity – 35%


  • Submission of entries start on February 7 (Tuesday) and ends on February 15 (Wednesday), 2017 11:59:00PM February 17 (Friday) 12:00NN.
  • Top 3 entries per participating game will be posted on February 16 (Thursday) February 17 (Friday) and will be subjected to a like campaign.
  • The entry with the most likes by February 22 12:00NN (Wednesday)* are considered winners.


1 winning pair per game will be given an exclusive #[email protected] couple shirt.
ePlus movie allowance worth P1,000.00
Date package (est) worth P2,000.00 with the GMs
+ In-game items from their favorite Playpark Philippines game:

  • Audition Dance Battle Philippines
    • Indefinite Costume set of choice (GM item pick not included)
    • Indefinite Accessories (GM item pick not included)
    • 1 year pet of choice
  • Perfect World Philippines
    • +10 Hand of Heaven Dominion for Male (Bounded) + Groom’s Package
    • +10 Hand of the Skystriker for Female (Bounded) + Bride’s Package
  • Cabal Online Philippines
    • Wedding ring
    • Wedding costume set
  • Special Force Online
    • Permanent Valentine M4A1 MOD 0
  • Special Force 2
    • 1st place – SIG551 EOTech Silencer Candy (Perm) + PSG-1 Candy (Perm)
    • 2nd place – AK 103 Candy (30 days) + P90 Candy (30 days)
    • Consolation prize – HK417 Candy (30 days)

Good luck!

*Disclaimer: Mechanics and prizes are subject to change without prior notice.