Daisy Siete enjoys Hero’s Welcome from Audition Next Level

The monsoon rains could not stop party. Audition Next Level and Playpark hosted a get together last July 14, 2018 at Center Stage Mall of Asia in honor of Daisy Siete‘s victorious return to the Philippines. After a week-long stay in Seoul, South Korea organized by The Seoul Shinmum Daily for the KPOP Cover Dance Festival 2018, Jaimaica, Justine, Kristel, Jan, Roselle, Hannah, Desire, Divine, Loicy, Jaimee, Diane, Nicole and Corrine deserved a hero’s welcome surrounded by their closest friends and family.

Daisy Siete enjoyed the night with bouts of karaoke and dance performances with their fellow Kpop enthusiasts. The party was joined by Vince Igno of Link-Up Production, who organized the qualifiers of KCDF 2018 in the Philippines which Daisy Siete won back in April 22, 2018. They were also joined by KCDF 2017 runner up, Y.O.U. Check out all the fun that took place.

From the Audition Next Level team and everyone at Playpark, congratulations to Daisy Siete for doing the Philippines proud. As the first all-female group covering an all-male group to win KCDF, Daisy Siete is truly making history and inspiring dancers and music lover to follow in their footsteps.

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