Audition Next Level Team Showdown

Dance to the Top in one of the biggest tournaments of 2020

The stage is set as Audition Next Level proudly presents – Team Showdown – one of biggest tournaments of 2020. Dance to the Top as only the very best Audistas will battle for the title of Philippine champion. Registration starts on September 19, 2020. Click HERE to sign up with your friends today. Gather your team now!

Audition Next Level Team Showdown

The Prizes at Stake

On the road to the national championship title, the Team Showdown offers the trendiest rewards for Audistas. Along with the Philippine crown, winners are getting cash prizes each from PlayPark Audition Next Level and ingame cash points. Indefinite sets, accessory and DJ items also await the champions.

Just by participating, players will still walk away winners with the free ingame items. Best of all, tournament registration is FREE. All you need are the skills to Dance to the Top!

Stay updated and join the community HERE.

The Team Showdown in Detail

The Audition Next Level Team Showdown tournament welcomes all Philippine Audition players age 16 years old and above. Form a team of three (3) and read up on the full tournament mechanics through HERE.

Each team will be facing off with other teams from the participant’s pool in five phases – Eliminations Round 1, Eliminations Round 2, Eliminations Round 3, Semis and Finals. The winning teams will move on to the next round until only one champion remains.

The tournament is set to be held on the 26th and 27th of September 2020. Official check-ins are done during the day of the tournament from 3PM to 4PM. Official start of matches are scheduled at 5PM.

Get dancing today. Practice getting the right moves and Download Audition Next Level now.

Feel the music all the way to your fingertips and groove to the hippest tunes in the hottest fashion trends in the No. 1 online rhythm game in Southeast Asia – Audition.


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