Audition Next Level Season 2 NOW LIVE!

Hey Audistas,

The long wait is over…

Audition Next Level will start the new year with a bang. Time to join the Audilicious party wave of dance and music. Season 2 is now here and we got lots in store for our beloved Audista.


NEW Songs

BPM Artist Song
93 Audition Good Day..Bye..
99 Audition Take On Me
100 MC Mong Circus (feat. Lim Yoo Kyung & $howgun)
100 Audition Stay
105 Eric Chou Zhong Yu Liao Jie Zi You (Freedom)
106 Audition As Early As Possible
108 Wonder Girls Irony
108 Audition Don’t Worry
124 G-Dragon Without You (feat. Rose)
126 IZ*ZONE Panorama
130 Sexbomb Girls Halukay Ube
132 Milk Letting Go
145 Viva Hot Babes Kikay
152 LiSA Homura (Flame)



NEW Items (more HERE)

NEW Look


NEW Arena Time (See HERE)

Server and Channel Renewal


This party is only getting stronger and it ain’t gonna stop!

Stretch those fingers and lace up your dance shoes.

The Audivasion starts NOW!

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