Audition Next Level in IESF 2020

Dance to the Top of the International Esports Federation

Audition Next Level enters the spotlight of the International eSports Federation (IESF). Dance to the Top as the Audition Next Level Team Showdown is the Philippine Qualifier for the 12th IESF Esport World Championship. Put on your dancing shoes as the match begins this September 26th. Take part here!

Audition Next Level in IESF 2020

Audition Next Level Holds PH Qualifier for IESF World Championship Tournament

Recently, the International Esports Federation (IeSF) announced that Audition, the rhythm dance game developed by HanBitSoft, has become a promoted title under the IeSF World Championship Tournament to be held in Eilat, Israel. This is a big milestone not only for the game, but also for fans of the game.

PlayPark Inc. announced that there will be a Philippine Qualifier tournament for Audition Next Level. Entitled, Team Showdown, the matches elimination rounds will be held on September 26-27, 2020. The tournament is a 3-on-3 match for the eliminations until the finals. The top team will then go into a triple-header match for the right to be the first Philippine Representative and will go on to compete in the IeSF Audition Regional Tournament. 

Cash and in-game items will be at stake for the winners of the tournament, with the champion having a lion’s share. Take part and download Audition today!

Audition Next Level IESF 2020

Officially Sanctioned by PESO

Due to its status as an IeSF tournament, the PlayPark Audition Next Level team has been working closely with the Philippine Esports Organization (PESO), to ensure that the rules, gameplay, and other details are strictly aligned to the regulations of the IeSF World Championship series. 

With the PH Qualifier tournament, the members of PESO as well as the PlayPark Audition team hopes to produce a representative that will not only follow in the Philippines’ tradition of producing truly world-class athlete representatives, but also become a global ambassador for Audition Next Level.

The PH Qualifiers to be livestreamed on the official Audition Next Level and PlayPark Facebook pages. Tournament livestream starts at 5PM on September 26, 2020.

Feel the music all the way to your fingertips and groove to the hippest tunes in the hottest fashion trends in the No. 1 online rhythm game in Southeast Asia – Audition.


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