All-Stars 2017 | Get to know the Administration

To govern and ensure the fair implementation of Playpark All-Stars 2017 rules and activities, here’s the official list of tournament officials that make up the Playpark All-Stars 2017 Administration:

  • GM BoOM
  • GM WarGod
  • GM Ghost
  • GM Mihr
  • CM Ekim
  • CM Kiel
  • CM Leah Chan
  • CM Faith
  • CM Raiyu
  • GM Nhevahya
  • CM Kimiko
  • GM Jabie
  • CM Maze
  • GM Blade
  • GM Frost
  • GM Blitz
  • GM Jace
  • GM Shoo
  • GM Anthem
  • GM Jinghiro
  • Paulo T.
  • Mark Jay P.
  • Noe H.
  • Manuel B.
  • Ramil E.
  • Ariel C.
  • Fernando B.
  • Paterno L.
  • Ariel E.
  • Nikko L.

Read up on the happenings at Playpark All-Stars 2017 through the official channels:

If you need help with game or account related issues, feel free to reach our Support Team (hyperlinked to the support page –

Please note that Playpark CMs and GMs :

  • Will never ask for your password.
  • Are prohibited from engaging in any form of Real Money Trading (RMT).
  • Are not allowed to receive any form of compensation (in cash or in kind) from our gamers/subscribers in exchange for in-game items and special requests/favors.
  • All linked accounts above are the only official accounts of Playpark PH Cms and GMs

Individuals found guilty of falsely presenting themselves as Playpark PH! GMs and/or employees shall be permanently banned (in-game and in real life) from all activities/events organized by Playpark PH.