Age of Discovery Begins in Perfect World PH


Great news, Heroes of Perfect World! The long and much awaited content update for your favorite MMORPG is finally arriving on August 12, 2019!


The update brings in a lot of content. From a new server to new game features! As soon as the servers open on Monday, you will be able to explore the lands of Avalask – the first of the four continents slated for the coming updates. You will also be able to unlock the Havoc and Divine Esteem Levels that comes after Immortal and Demon levels.


Here is a list of the upcoming content:

  • New Zone: The Avalask! Explore an all-new zone with hundreds of new quests! Visit the city of Neverfall, and discover what darkness lurks beneath the ancient lands of the Light Empire! Level 100 players at Mirage Sky I can start the quests to enter the Avalask in the Universal City.
  • New Esteem Levels: Havoc and Divine! Beyond the paths of Immortal and Demon lies a new way, combining the strengths of each into a single, powerful path of Esteem! Players who have completed the Atlas of Time questline in the Avalask will receive a quest to speak to either Ghost Warden or the Cunning Immortal to begin their new path.
  • New Dungeon: Dawnlight Temple! Delve into the dark sanctum of the Future of Mankind Initiative and put a stop to their unnatural experimentations! Includes more difficult Judgment and Deicide Modes. Requires Havoc Esteem and Twilight Sky I to enter.
  • New Feature: Skill Glyph Function. Glyph can be used to upgrade your skills with additional effects based on the glyph used, which can range from increased damage to converting healing spells into direct damage! There are five glyph types: Golden, Verdant, Ethereal, Sanguine, and Argent. The first Glyph Slot can be unlocked in the Celestial Vale, while the rest can be unlocked in the Avalask. Two require Havoc, and three require Divine.
  • New Feature: Chronicles! Read the entire history of Perfect World and its major denizens and factions. Unlocked upon completing the Atlas of Time questline in the Avalask.

You can see the complete list of updates by clicking this link: