The fun will never end in Audition Dance Battle Philippines and grind all you want in Cabal Online Philippines thanks to Playpark’s newest partner – Abra. Now, players can top up their gaming credits on Playpark Inc. quickly and easily. If you have a mobile phone and internet connection, you can conveniently purchase e-pins through the Abra mobile app.

Why use Abra as your preferred way to pay on Playpark?

1. You can pay straight from your smartphone

Abra is a mobile app available on both Android and iOS, and is available for download. Once you sign up, you can add money to your Abra wallet through your bank account (if you have an account with BPI, BDO or Unionbank), or through any teller. After this, you can pay on PlayPark Inc. any time – from the convenience of your own home, office, or wherever you are.

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2. Abra is safe and secure.

Abra uses modern encryption technology to secure your information. Also, when you transfer using Abra, your recipient does not receive any sensitive financial information like your bank account number.

What if you lose your mobile phone? Abra has a way of recovering your funds. Find out through this video.

3. You can use Abra to send money to anyone in the Philippines or in the US.

Aside from payments in PlayPark Inc., you can send money easily and quickly to friends and family in the US or the Philippines (as long as they have the Abra app on their phone too). You can also use it to pay for items through different sellers on Instagram and Facebook.

Know more about Abra: Watch this video.

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You can know more about Abra through the website and Facebook.

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