Paypal PH Upgraded in PlayMall

What's new with Paypal PH and how do I top up?

PlayMall Paypal PH is now UPGRADED. Get your accounts secured by nominating a specific Paypal Account for your gaming needs! Complete PlayPark load top up and conversion needs by simply submitting your Paypal Account starting January 14, 2021.

What is New in PlayMall Paypal PH?

For you to be able to use Paypal PH to purchase wallet points, you must nominate a specific Paypal Account to be tagged to your PlayID account. Simply click on the “Nominate Paypal Account” button found in your PlayMall wallet account view, and provide the information required. The PlayPark team will get in touch with you within three (3) working days to assist in activating your account.
To make your accounts even more secure, daily purchases will now be limited to P3,500 per day. This prevents unusual transactions that you have not authorized.

PlayMall welcomes PayPal

What is PayPal?

PayPal brings buyers and sellers together – reducing steps, costs, and chaos. PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid.
Available in more than 200 markets around the world, the PayPal platform enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies.
As the newest channel in PlayMall, your PayPal account can be used to directly add load to your PlayPark account.
Know even more about PayPal, on their website.

How To Top Up using Paypal PH?

A. Nominate a Paypal Account
  1. Log on to your PlayMall Account (click here)
  2. Click on Nominate Paypal Account
  3. Provide the information needed
    • Paypal PH PlayMall Upgraded Top Up
  4. Wait for the approval notice via Call or Email
  5. Once APPROVED, Paypal PH topup will be activated. Approval period is three (3) working days from the date of submission
B. Top Up using Paypal PH
  1. Log on to PlayMall then Click on TopUp
  2. Select the Paypal package you wish to purchase
  3. You will be redirected to the Paypal Login Page
  4. Logon with your nominated Paypal Account
  5. Select the option you wish to use to complete the purchase
  6. Click Pay Now
  7. You will be redirected back to your PlayMall account page
  8. New topup will be reflected in your wallet balance
  9. You may also check your transaction record to check the purchase
Need to Modify a Nominated Paypal Account?
  1. Log on to your PlayMall Account
  2. Click on Modify Paypal Account
  3. Provide the information needed
  4. Wait for the approval notice via Call or Email
  5. Once received, Paypal PH topup will be activated

Do note that only Nominated Paypal Account emails will be allowed for Topup. Failure to nominate an email will lead to this error.

PlayMall Paypal Top up issue

Quick Facts About PlayMall

PlayMall is the all-in-one wallet system for PlayPark and all of its games. On PlayMall, top up your account whether you are using the PlayID, Facebook or Google Login option.

  • Top Up refers to adding load to your game account with credits which you can later use to shop in your PlayPark game of choice.
  • Caution! Be careful on choosing the login option – whether its PlayID, Facebook or Google. You may use the same e-mail address for the different login options but they will still be separate accounts

Find the full guide to using PlayMall and FAQs just click HERE. To see where else you can buy PlayPark load, visit the website Top Up section HERE.

PlayPark Saya Continues

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 develops, several changes to the PlayPark operations are in place to ensure the PlayPark Saya gets to its gaming community. Some delays may occur such as Ticketing, and prize awarding.

PlayPark wants to thank the community for the constant support. News and activities will continue to be shared. Expect an even greater presence within the PlayPark games. Read more about it here.


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