🎶Dare to take the #DitoMasaya challenge! 🎶

🎶Dare to take the #DitoMasaya challenge! 🎶
🤳🎬Create a short video of your favorite PlayPark Games in TikTok and get a chance to win in-game items.



How to join
– Follow PlayPark PH’s TikTok Account – http://bit.ly/PlayParkPHTikTok
– Take a TikTok video showing how much you love your favorite
PlayPark game.
– Use the hashtags #DitoMasaya #GameKoTo #LaroTayo
– Share the video on TikTok and Facebook.
– Fill-up this form to submit your entry http://bit.ly/PlayParkDitoMasaya
Event Duration: Sept. 6 to Sept. 20, 2019
How to win and awarding details
– 5 winners each game will be determined by the GM team.
– Winners will be announced on September 25, 2019
– Prizes will be awarded within 15 working days
Here are the PRIZES for each game!
🎉Audition Next Level
Permanent Garrick Wings
🎉Special Force Online
Choice of Permanent Gold M4A1, Gold PSG-1 or Gold AK74
🎉RF Online
+4 Gold Cape of Choice
🎉FlyFF Online
Permanent Regal Set 5/5
🎉Perfect World
2k Worth of Item mall items
5 pcs War Avatar S
50 pcs Nebula Orb
5 pcs DB 8
*All items are Character Bound
[Bike Costume] Mechanical Tron [30D]
[Costume] Call of Valkyrie [30D]
[Force Wing] Porta Lord [30D]
Blessing Bead (Ultimate) [30D]
Force Gem x100
Inexhaustible HP Potion (Lv. 4) [15D]
Inexhaustible MP Potion (Lv. 4) [15D]
Megaphone x100
 Bonus Items will be given away to creators with 10 or more qualified entries.

Let’s have some fun and show the world na sa PlayPark #DitoMasaya! 😀