SHAIYA Client now Available!

Extreme PVP Action begins this August 8, 2019

Infinite Strife between the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury begins with its Closed Beta this August 8, 2019!

PlayPark Inc. brings back Shaiya, a PvP-centric MMORPG with its well-loved graphics from episode 8 (a.k.a. Version 8 of the game) and with gameplay that will come from different episodes of the game. This version of Shaiya will be unlike all the previous and existing versions of the game.

The new content separates itself from the “Episodic” pipeline; PlayPark Shaiya establishes its own content pipeline. Expect a traditional Shaiya with the new modern paint job.
We’ll be bringing together players from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines in the non-stop PvP action world of Shaiya. Players will be exploring a rich world full of fantasy and strife. Welcome to Shaiya!

Feature List
1. Two Rival Factions divided by their beliefs locked in infinite combat
a. Alliance of Light
b. Union of Fury
2. Six Unique Jobs per Faction will bring together 12 different classes and limitless skirmishes with a max level cap of 60.
3. Two game modes allow players to play the game at their own pace.
a. Basic – Recommended for beginners.
i. Game Setting
1. No Death Penalty (Permanent Death).
2. Lower EXP needed to level-up.
3. 7 stat points and 4 skill points to distribute per level up.
b. Ultimate – Recommended for veterans.
i. Game Setting
1. Character Deletion when not resurrected within 3 minutes or upon death.
2. Higher EXP needed to level-up.
3. 9 stat points and 5 skill points to distribute per level up.
4. Equip exclusive weapons and gears for ultimate players only.
4. PvP Features
a. Always ON Faction PvP
b. Guild Wars
c. Raid Boss PvP Dungeon
d. Relic Wars

And more to be announced…

Launch Timeline
– Closed Beta Pre-registration
– Schedule: Until August 7 (23:59 GMT+8)
Pre-registration Link
Pre-registration Reward details
– Closed Beta
– Schedule: August 8 – 12
Client Download Link
– Important Reminder: All game data will be deleted after the test.
– Open Beta
– Schedule: Aug 15 2019
– Game Setting: TBA

Join Shaiya’s Infinite Strife and have fun playing a game where PK is OK!

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