Playpark App with New Payment Channel

A new payment channel is now open in the Playpark App!!

Playpark App is a dedicated game application made for players with the purpose of giving easier access to all Playpark games!
Now it’s even better with an even more convenient way for players to “Top Up’ or Reload in-game credits.

Top-Up Steps:
1. Start up the Playpark App on your phone then click “Profile” > “Top Up”
2. Once you click “Top Up”, you will be prompted to re-login again.
3. Fill in your Username and Password
4. Press “Top Up”.
5. Choose your preferred Cash Card Service (@ Cash) and you are done!

Do not forget to purchase your Cash Card before you top up.

Playpark App can now be downloaded for both IOS and Android.

Android download:

IOS download: