Dream Dance Online – Officially Launched for SEA!

Mobile Music RPG Officially Launched for SEA!


Pre-Registration is now OPEN!

Early Access on  December 2019!

Dream Dance Online (DDO), the new casual Music RPG game developed by YUQI Network, published by CiB Net Station Sdn. Bhd. (A Subsidiary of Asiasoft) is set to make its debut this coming December. Pre-Registration is now open for South East Asia Region.

Dream Dance Online offers a unique experience for players to not only dance to their music but also experience a story of the kingdom, DD Kingdom.  The back story of how a human from other world able to save the DD Kingdom. There are also songs ranging from English Pop,  Rock, Japanese Pop to Korean Pop.

New unique features of the game allows the player to never get bored!

In DD Kingdom, everyone dances or compete in fashion sense to resolve any conflict between each other. The heroin/hero (A.K.A the players) was summoned to save the DD Kingdom at its wits end.  The player will then go to several cities in DD Kingdom to find the source of the evil that is corrupting the world. While there are stories to read, players can play the classic mode(s) as well as collecting costumes via story, events or story.

Dream Dance Online Game Features:

  • Advance Gameplay : 4-Key Mode, Bubble Mode, AU Mode and Taiko Mode
  • Elite Challenges to fight against the best!
  • High Graphic: MV Cover Dance Moves with Perfect Sound Quality.
  • Romance: Online Dating, Couple System, In-Game Marriage and many more!
  • Fashion: A huge variety of style to choose! Just dress up as you like!
  • Interaction: In-Game Community, Theme Park Chatroom and many more!

Dream Dance Online – Your Destiny Begins Here

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Cover Dance Moves

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Dream Dance Online Info:

Store availability : Apple AppStore / Google Play Store / HuaWei AppGallery / APK

Genre:  Music / Casual / Simulation RPG

Language : English / Chinese


Publisher: CiB Net Station Sdn. Bhd. (A subsidiary of Asiasoft )

Category : Free App ( In-app Purchase )

Connection : Online , network required.

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